Being productive in iPad 7

My not so aesthetic iPad 7

This iPad 7th gen has been my main device for the last eight months as a Software Developer. In addition, I also do creative projects around video editing and design. All done on the iPad.

The questions is, can the iPad replace a laptop? Obviously, it can’t, Hahaha.

It still be more comfortable when working on a laptop rather than on iPad. There’s a whole bunch of finding the good workflow to make iPad as comfortable as laptop.

But I have no choice. Because I don’t have a laptop yet. And I choose to optimize and being productive with iPad.

What's on my iPad?

What's on iPad

On this business category, I classify applications that are related to business. Off course 🙂. Some of them are;

Docs application for processing documents from Google Docs

Files The built-in iPadOS application for file management

Trello Application for task management

Duet Display Application for extending mac desktop into iPad

Development category

Development category

I use these applications in the Development category as my main tools as a Software Developer. Here are the lists:

Pythonista Applications for coding Python, Django and Flask

Prompt Application for remote server access with complete features

Blink Shell My favorite application when managing remote servers because of its persistent connectivity

Play dot js Application for coding Node.js, React.js, and Next.js web app

Shell Fish Application for FTP / SFTP client

Working Copy I like this application because it makes it easier for me to use Git commands

HTTPBot Postman or Insomnia app iPad version

Textastic Very useful code editor application

Table Plus Application for managing databases on production servers and on development / staging servers

Jump Application for remote desktop client

Actually you don’t need to install all of these applications. Just Textastic + Play.js + Working Copy + Blink Shell is well enough.

Creative category

Creative category app

During the breaks, I usually channel my creativity through the following applications:

Luma Fusion Powerful application for video editing on the iPad

Procreate I usually draw random in this Procreate application


Goodnotes The place where I take notes, planning about something and drawing about software architecture

Goodnotes app

Figurative Wrapper for Figma to design UI / UX

Figurative app

The rest are applications for Mind mapping, writing drafts, and voice recording.

For light entertainment needs such as watching movies or tv series, viewing Youtube, then listening to Podcasts, the iPad is the perfect device.

Here you can find Apple TV, Netflix, HBO, to watch exciting and quality movies. Then there is also the Anchor application for producing Podcasts.


By far, everything was good in terms of work on the iPad. Everything goes well except you need many application to support your productivity instead of a single workflow like in the Macbook / Laptop.

I’m happy because the ability of the device which is indeed very good, the iPad is a very useful device for me and makes me feels motivated to keep calm and productive.

Thanks for reading 👋🙂

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